Drone footage 

Local mountain bike trails

Biking is available across the area either organised trails or find your own 

Swimming pool 

Mallards Pike which is a five minute drive away. A beautiful place to walk and relax. There is a cafe, parking charges apply. 

Take part in Go Ape or paddle boarding perhaps 

Mallards Pike 🌳🦆🧁☕️

Many ponds in the Forest were made to supply water wheels that powered the mills and iron forges and are remnants of the Forest’s industrial past. Once these were no longer required some were transformed by Forestry England for the community’s enjoyment.

You might think that the name Mallards Pike refers to a pike (fish) or to a mallard duck. This pike is actually a turnpike or toll road; the mallard comes from a Mr Maller, who lived until the early 1950s in a toll keeper’s cottage. Maller’s Turnpike eventually became Mallard’s Pike.

This is the main location for Go Ape!, the family cycle trail passes by here and there's a fab cafe too. There's also now canoeing available and stand-up paddleboarding too with SUP FoD.