House Rules

These House Rules apply to all Viney Holiday Property property bookings made via the Website or by phone. These House Rules apply in addition to, and do not replace, our Booking Terms and Conditions.  Please read our Booking Terms and Conditions and these House Rules carefully as they are contractual terms that will apply to the contract between the Lead Booker (“You/Your/Lead Booker”) and the Owner of the Property. 

Defined terms used in these House Rules will have the same meaning as in the Booking Terms and Conditions unless otherwise specified.

General rules

  1. There is no charge for extra children under the age of 2 for any Booking although this is restricted to a maximum of two unless arranged directly with the Owner and is subject to maximum occupancy restrictions;
  2. The Property Description states the maximum number of persons permitted to occupy the Property at anytime subject to any overriding government restrictions;
  3. No smoking is permitted within the Property and You agree not to smoke at the Property;
  4. You must not cause a nuisance or disturbance to neighbouring accommodation or behave in an unreasonable way. The playing of music or making a noise which is clearly audible in nearby accommodation is not permitted after 10.00 pm;
  5. No subletting of the Property, in part or full, is allowed, unless in total agreement with the Owner at the time the Booking is made;
  6. You must only allow Your Booking Group in the Property during the Stay unless agreed otherwise in writing by Us after consultation with the Owner;
  7. You must alert the Owner via the telephone numbers given in the check-in information at the earliest convenience of any issue with the Property, facilities, grounds or equipment. If the Owner has not been contacted during the Stay and provided with a chance to ‘make right’ any issues, then if an issue or complaint is made after the Stay You do not have the right to any compensation of any kind;
  8. You acknowledge that if the Property is described as having WiFi/ an internet connection please note that speeds vary especially in rural areas and coverage in properties vary. You and Your Booking Group must not use the internet for illegal purposes. We / the Owner will not be held responsible for limited WiFi in the property. In the same manner mobile phone signal varies at each property and we / the Owner cannot guarantee signal or connection;
  9. No fireworks or sky lanterns shall be used at the Property or in the surrounding area;
  10. Please don't hang any item out the windows e.g washing, flags or bunting.
  11. Please don't cover the Emergency Lighting Sensors on the ceilings at any time.
  12. Please close all windows and lock the doors for security if all your Group are going out. 
  13. No drones are to be used at any time at any Property;
  14. You agree to take good care of the Property and leave it in a clean and tidy condition at the end of your Stay (We reserve the right to charge for extra cleaning if needed);
  15. You agree not to use any amplified equipment other than that provided;
  16. You agree not to cook anywhere on the Property other than in designated kitchen areas including BBQ lodge and BBQs; and
  17. You agree not to bring any pets to the Property unless previously agreed in writing with the Us and included in the Booking Form and/or Booking Confirmation.
  18. Only EV charging points should be used to charge vehicles. Please do not use standard plugs. Charging points can be found at Zap Map
  19. Use of the pool at Viney Hill County House is restricted to 9pm all season. The outside lights are operatated on a timer and will go off at 9pm each night.
  20. Use of the pool at Whitehaven is restricted to 8am - 9pm October - March and 7am - 10pm April - September

Rules for use of leisure facilities 

You agree:

  • That every care should be taken when around or using the pool;
  • You and Your Booking Group will shower prior to entering the pool or hot tub to ensure no foreign items enter the pool that will cause damage to the facility or the water;
  • Fake tan, sun tan lotion, body lotions and moisturisers should not be worn when in the pool as they can cause issues with water quality. No compensation will be given if facilities stop working or become unusable and these, or similar, are found to be the cause;
  • That all costumes or clothing is chlorine protected to prevent fading or damage. The costumes or clothing must be rinsed after every use. We / the Owner will not be held responsible for items that are damaged;
  • To make sure that the cover (where provided) is always replaced after use to retain the heat;
  • To note that the cover must be completely removed and that it is dangerous to be in the water with the cover on or partially on;
  • That no one should swim while under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • Not to take any glass items near the pool area;
  • No food or drink should be taken into the pool or surrounding area;
  • Guests should note that some pools have a shallow end and a deep end and for your own safety diving is strictly prohibited. Signs will indicate pool depth;
  • To ensure that children under 16, or any novice swimmer of any age, are always supervised by an adult and confident swimmer at all times;
  • To behave in such a manner as not to disrupt the enjoyment of other people staying in the near vicinity or prejudice the reputation of the owner of the property;
  • Any damage to the pool facilities arising out of misuse or as a result of negligence and/or failure to follow the instructions herein will be chargeable to You. 
  • To use the pool, play equipment and trampoline at their own risk;
  • That in addition to these conditions You will follow any guidance at the Property that the Owner has provided and will ensure that Your Booking Group adhere to any further guidance; 
  • That neither Us or the Owner accepts any responsibility for illness, injury, reaction or condition resulting in using any of the pool, hot tub or spa facilities;
  • Not to alter or tamper with the pool equipment;
  • If using a tennis court, non-marking trainers should be worn and not used for any other activity other than to play tennis; 
  • The net must be wound down and bungees attached after each use.

Restricted Mobility Applicants: 

Where the access to, layout or other physical feature of a property may be reasonably foreseen to cause individuals with restricted mobility difficulties We and the Owner have endeavoured to ensure that the information provided in respect of the Property has made this clear. You are required to inform Us in writing on submission of the Booking Form of the requirements of any individual due to be residing at the Property during the Stay with regard to any restricted mobility issues that may exist.