Coronavirus Statement

Updated 12th July 2021

Following the latest Government announcement, from July 19th 2021 there will no longer be any restrictions on the number of guests or households that can stay at our properties.

We would like to reassure our guests that all Viney Holiday Properties property owners will still be following the recommended cleaning protocols. To see the latest guidelines, see PASC UK Self-catering COVID-19 Cleaning Guidelines.

If any of our properties have to be closed for any reason, including further lockdowns, or if you are lawfully unable to travel, then a full refund will be given. 

We believe that with the effective implementation of these measures, self-catering accommodation continues to be a low risk service. This is the case generally and within the hospitality sector as a whole.  

For further information about Covid-19 please refer to the following official sites:

NHS Covid Information

WHO Covid-19