Coronavirus (COVID-19) ADVICE

Updated: 25th March 2020

Dear Guests,

Please be assured that we are monitoring Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation daily, with Public Health England, the UK government advisory body. Your health and that of our housekeepers and property owners is of the utmost importance to us.

Like you we are conscious of our personal responsibilities in preventing the further transmission of this disease.

We are doing everything we can to keep our guests safe, with very strict cleaning regimes and guest notifications being sent out as necessary.

Please act responsibly in this respect – it is crucial that this virus is contained as much as possible.

For the latest information on the virus please see the following websites. Note that these are the most trusted authorities on the situation and are the most up-to-date.





1. I'm unable to travel to a property due to lockdown?

Please contact the office. 

2. I am worried generally about travelling and Coronavirus, can I move the booking to later in the year or to next year before I have paid the balance? 

Any movement is being considered on a case by case basis and always at the owners discretion. We are only considering bookings which fall during April at the moment.

3. If I need to cancel my holiday because I or one of my group catch Coronavirus or have to self-isolate what happens? 

Please check your travel insurance as to whether you would be covered. We always recommend that you take out travel insurance at the time of booking. We cannot offer refunds in this instance but we would endeavour to assist by offering a change of dates on the same basis as in 2 above.

4. If I am advised not to travel by a medical practitioner what do I do? 

The position is the same as in 3 above.

5. I am travelling to the UK from abroad what happens if I can’t travel?

The position is the same as in 3 above.

6. How do I stand if the Government introduces at a later date, a travel ban meaning that I wouldn’t be able to take my holiday? 

The position is the same as in 3 above.

7. Are you still taking bookings?

NO bookings will be taken for dates that fall during the Lockdown Period. We are still taking bookings for future dates.

8. If the guests who stayed before me contract the Coronavirus and have to self-isolate in the property, i.e. the property will not be vacated in time for my booking, what happens?

If we have to cancel your stay, we would find you alternative accommodation or the home owner may offer to move or refund the cost of your stay. Upon those guests vacating the property, the property would be locked and shut down for a minimum of 72 hours, and a deep clean would then take place, before a future let could occur. This would be undertaken according to government guidelines at the time.

9. Can you guarantee the properties have been appropriately cleaned? 

We cannot and do not guarantee properties are free from infection. However all properties are cleaned and maintained to a high standard, in line with our terms and conditions for letting with us. We have also issued guidance and asked that our home owners ensure that their cleaners focus on key touch points in the property and use disposable anti-bacterial wipes.

10. What happens if I or one of my party contract coronavirus before, during or after my holiday?

If you or anyone in your party suspects before the stay that they may have coronavirus symptoms, they must not travel. Please advise us immediately if this happens. It will give us an opportunity to remarket the stay and if we are successful to refund all or part of your payment.

If you are staying in a property and you or one of your party develops symptoms of coronavirus, please advise us immediately. You will be expect to vacate immediately to return home to isolate.

If within 14 days of leaving the property you or anyone in your party is diagnosed with coronavirus, please advise us immediately.

In all these situations we need to know what is happening to ensure that affected properties are quarantined and deep cleaned as necessary.

11. What if I don't have insurance?

Firstly, we cannot stress enough how sympathetic we are to the position our guests are in. This is an unprecedented situation for the whole world and whilst we understand that you are upset and perhaps angry, unfortunately there is nothing we can do if you do not have insurance. 
When booking a holiday with Viney Holiday Properties Ltd in our Terms & Conditions guests are advised to take out personal holiday cancellation insurance; it is up to you whether or not you choose to do this, but you must remember that property owners are not able to insure against a guest who has not taken out insurance and expects a refund. We are all in the same boat - this is devastating to some of our property owners, for most of them it is only a small business they run and not all of them will be able to keep it going.

Remember that we too are a small company, but we have a big heart and we love helping guests to have wonderful holidays and make happy memories. It is heartbreaking for us to have to tell you that without cancellation insurance, we cannot do anything to help you. Please, please, please, no matter how much you wish you'd taken out insurance, do not take your anger out on us; if we could help, we would. We are doing all we can to support guests and property owners and in the last few days we have been working long hours making effort to get back to as many people as we can. In that time we have been shouted at, we have had people swearing at us, we have suffered verbal abuse; this is not necessary, it is not our fault that you do not have insurance. Please be understanding, these are very difficult times for all.